Plant Library


Plants can provide us with a wealth of benefits to a home and its surrounding landscape. Many of these benefits are environmental, many are aesthetic, and some are financial.

When used properly on a residential or other type of property, plants can:

  1. prevent erosion

  2. filter out pollutants

  3. provide a food source for wildlife

  4. enhance overall beauty and livability

  5. produce oxygen

  6. provide a sound barrier and reduce noise pollution

  7. provide shade and windbreaks which reduce energy costs

  8. increase property values

You can help plants provide these benefits by placing plants in locations where they can be most effective. By putting plants on slopes, along roadsides and ditches, in attractive groupings near homes and other structures, at or near property lines and in any barren areas, your property can be made more comfortable, more beautiful and more valuable.

Our Issabella with fall mums.

Our Issabella with fall mums.

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