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Getting Started on Your Landscape

TAKE A GOOD LOOK at your home and make note of trees, shrubs, other plants and assets you may want to preserve and incorporate into your new landscape.  Look at what direction your new landscape will be facing. What type of sun or shade will it get?  Consider what time of day you might be using your new addition.

DETERMINE WHAT IT IS YOU WANT.  Do you envision an "outdoor living area," with an outdoor kitchen, a firepit, seating, or perhaps a relaxing water feature? Are you looking for something to freshen up the front of your home? Or perhaps your goal is to address a problem area - such as a drainage issue. Steps? Lighting? Shade? Make a "must have list" and a "wish list." 

DETERMINE THE SIZE  of the area to be included, and an estimated amount you want to spend.

FILL OUT ONE OF OUR INQUIRY FORMS.  Answer as many questions as you can about what you want the designer to do.  The designer will give you a call after receiving the Inquiry Form, usually within 24-48 hours. We will set up a time to meet with you at your home or business for a FREE consultation.  From this meeting, the designer will create a design and proposal for your newlandscape.   (This usually takes 1-2 weeks).

WHEN YOUR DESIGN IS COMPLETED,  a meeting is set up at the Nursery for you to review your project and plants chosen.  (Please have all parties responsible and able to make a decision present for this review.)

ONCE YOUR DECISION IS MADE to move forward with your project, a deposit of 35% is required.  Your project is scheduled on the job board in our office at this time.  We will keep you updated on when your project is set to begin.  Another 25% is due on the date they begin the job.  The balance is due upon completion.

Please understand that weather is a major and uncontrollable factor in getting jobs completed -
we apologize if delays are
necessary due to weather conditions. 

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